AXA Assurances Luxembourg
I am not satisfied with the solution proposed by my advisor

Contact AXA Réclamations via or send a written complaint to:

AXA Luxembourg
To the attention of: Direction Générale
1 Place de l’Etoile
L-1470 Luxembourg

To ensure that your complaint contains all necessary elements and can be treated as fast as possible, we suggest that you submit the following information:

-          First and last name, address

-          Telephone number

-          Client or policy number

-          N° of claim (if applicable)

-          Reason for the complaint

-          Whether or not you are an AXA client

How will we treat your complaint?

We will send a written acknowledgment for every complaint received that requires more than 3 days to be treated.  

A client manager will treat your complaint and will strive to reply to you within a month.

You will receive a written explanation and the results of our analysis as well as a proposal for a solution.

AXA Luxembourg did not live up to my expectations. What can I do now?

If no solution has been found you can contact one of the following independent organisations:

Association des Compagnies d’Assurance (ACA, association of the insurance companies)

Le Commissariat aux Assurances (CAA, Insurance Supervisory Authority)

Union Luxembourgeoise des Consommateurs (ULC, Consumer Protection)