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Already or planning to become a motorhome owner? A source of freedom and independence, your motorhome is also your second home that you drive as soon as the mood takes you. When you head off into the mountains or along the coast, navigate the city streets or country lanes, properly insuring your motorhome, its occupants and all its contents allows you to leave without a care in the world, ready for anything.

A comprehensive insurance for your motorhome, its occupants and its contents

Choose your package and your options to insure your vehicle, its contents and your loved ones.

And to help you on your way, we’re giving you a 40% discount on your insurance premium regardless of the package you choose.

You can insure your motorhome with AXA Assurances Luxembourg with the OptiDrive car insurance.


3 Formula : Active, Active + Mini Casco, Privilège:

Pick the best insurance package in line with your needs:

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Comprehensive car insurance in Luxembourg

When choosing an AXA car insurance for hybrid or electric vehicles, you automatically benefit of a reduced insurance premium.

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