AXA Assurances Luxembourg

Large Businesses, we are by your side

Because in addition to your premises, equipment and vehicles, we protect the key factor in the smooth running of your business: you and your employees.

Protecting your activity

Customised protection of your premises, your liability and your equipment and stocks is necessary to cover your professional assets and thus meet the potential financial losses from a disaster.

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Protecting the director and your employees

Because behind the professional, there is also the man, the woman, his or her projects, etc. AXA protects you and your teams against the financial consequences of an accident.

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Motivating your employees

Your employees are decisive components in the success of your business. As the head of the firm, you do everything possible to protect them, but it is also important to motivate and win their loyalty. Create the ideal salary package with additional health, pension and benefits cover!
And if this means tax optimisation, you would be wrong not to take advantage of it.

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Protecting your expatriate employees

Moving your international expat employees and their families from one country to another implies significant social and cultural changes. This makes it even more important to make sure that a partner takes care of them and their families by offering financial security in the event of death or invalidity and retirement savings.

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