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Your child breaks the neighbour's window while playing, you ordered something online that never arrived and the shopkeeper refuses to reimburse you or someone files a complaint against you and you need help?

Fortunately, civil liability, legal protection and internet risk insurance is there to support you, assert your rights and cover you in the event of a dispute.


The Civil Liability, Legal Protection and e-Protection (PII) insurance is an option under your OptiHome home insurance.

When you take out this option with your OptiHome home insurance, you and all members of your family are protected in the event of damage caused to a third party in the course of your private life. You also benefit from legal assistance and protection against internet-related risks (optional).

Third party liability

Your child kicks a ball through your neighbour's window, your dog destroys the garden furniture in your holiday home, you accidentally spill your glass on a friend's computer or scratch a car while cycling past?

All these unintentional accidents incur your civil liability and can sometimes cost you a lot of money. Fortunately, this is where personal liability insurance (also known as "family liability") comes in.

Who is covered by my liability insurance?

When you take out family liability insurance, you, all the members of your household, your pets and any person who looks after your children free of charge are covered.

What is insured?

Worldwide, civil liability insurance covers you against all bodily injury (e.g. injuries) or material damage (e.g. destruction of an object) that could be caused to a third party in the course of your private life.  It also covers non-material damage (e.g. loss of income) resulting from bodily injury or material damage caused by you.

Legal Protection

When you find yourself in a situation in which you have caused damage (criminal defence) or of which you are the victim (civil appeal), legal protection insurance helps you to protect your interests by advising you, supporting you and covering the legal costs.

In the event of a dispute, legal protection will enable you to find an amicable solution or ensure your criminal defence in court for you and the members of your family.

Legal protection can intervene:

To ensure your criminal defence before the criminal courts where you are summoned following:

  • an offence or a contravention of the laws and regulations on pedestrian traffic and non-motorised cycles;
  • an offence against the laws and regulations for events relating to your private life.

To claim amicably or judicially the compensation of the loss which you have suffered following damage that takes place in the course your private life insofar as these bodily injuries or these material damages: 

  • incur the civil liability of a third party towards you;
  • are the result of a neighbourhood disturbance, provided that they are the result of a sudden and unforeseeable event for you.

How does legal protection work?

The legal protection accompanies you during all the stages of the resolution of the dispute (advice, preparation of the case, court proceedings, etc.) and covers the related costs (up to € 8658 per claim):

  • Case preparation costs,
  • Expert's fees
  • Costs of judicial and extrajudicial proceedings
  • Bailiffs' and lawyers' fees and expenses
  • Travel and subsistence expenses in the event of an appearance before a foreign court


Is your child being bullied on the social networks? Have your bank details been stolen or are you a victim of identity theft? Defamatory statements about you being made on the web? An online store refusing to refund you for lost or damaged goods?

The risks linked to the internet are numerous but e-protection insurance is there to cover you in the following cases: 

  • Identity theft
  • Fraudulent use of your means of payment
  • Damage to your e-reputation
  • Purchase of goods or services from an online store

Find out more about the e-protection cover included in the PII and Internet Risks Option of the OptiHome home insurance.

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