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Your home is your cocoon and we will ensure that you can enjoy it with peace of mind

Has your home been burgled? Have you suffered major water damage or you need emergency repairs? With your home insurance OptiHome you don’t need to worry. We offer comprehensive protection for your home and a fast and simple claim handling.

The AXA plus? OptiHome also protects you and your family against risks of your daily life: family civil liability, legal protection, travel insurance and e-protection against the risks associated with internet usage.

Do you live in an apartment ? A house? Are you an owner or a tenant? Whatever your home, you’ve found the insurance that’s right for you!


In juts a few clicks you can simulate your rate and benefit from a comprehensive coverage.

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Together with our agents you will find a home insurance that is best suited to your needs.

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Two simple insurance formulas to protect your home

Formula "Active" or Formula "Privilège":

Pick the best cover according to your needs: 

Insurance for a Flat : Formula Active or Privilege
Insurance for a House : Formula Privilege

Home Insurance | AXA Luxembourg OptiHome | List of benefits

Choose from 4 options to complete your home insurance against damage, fire, flood and more.

For an optimal coverage you can add up to 4 options to each formula.

A broken camera or window? A clumsy gesture can cause damage to a third party.

With the option “civil liability / legal protection” you are insured in case of small accidents, might they be caused by you or a member of your household.

Your family liability and your legal protection (criminal defence and civil appeal) are covered for your private life. E-protection cover is possible to protect you against the risks related to the use of the internet.

Discover the Family Protection Package

Your home and its contents are protected against the risks of earthquakes, floods, sewer back-ups, water infiltration and landslides caused by torrential rains.

Discover the Serenite Max Package

Your property is covered against theft and breakage, anywhere in the world:

- sports,
- fishing or hunting equipment,
- jewelry,
- musical instruments
- medical assistance devices

Discover the Comfort Package

You want to go on vacation without having to take out insurance for each trip? Take advantage of single insurance policy including cancellation, luggage and valuable support on your travels throughout the year.

Discover the Annual Travel Package

Online purchase or sharing on social networks, you are increasingly connected from your smartphone, tablet or PC. Protect yourself against cyber-hazards: usurpation of identity, bank card fraud, dispute with an e-trader or attack on the e-reputation.

Our solutions:

- Legal assistance
- Funding of legal costs
- Compensation for damage
- Cleaning or submerging of information

Discover the e-Protection Package

Reductions on the premium cover

Starting at 2 options you benefit of reductions on the premium for your home insurance policy:

Home Insurance | AXA Luxembourg OptiHome | Reductions on the premium

For example, if you subscribe to the formula “Privilège” with the Travel, Comfort and Serenity Plus options, you benefit of a discount of 6% on your entire home insurance premium.

Home insurance suited to your needs

Find your ideal package and options in line with your concerns
Because each of our clients is different, Axa has developed flexible solutions suited to your needs and home.

Are you renting an apartment and looking for basic cover against theft, fire, storms, water damage and other unintended damage? The Active package provides cover for the most common risks associated with your home. This insurance intended for apartments in Luxembourg is also suited to owners, who also benefit from building civil liability insurance.

Are you looking to take out insurance for your home in Luxembourg to provide coverage against accidents or theft? Opt for the Privilège package and choose between the options to tailor your coverage to your needs: protection against natural risks, civil liability, legal protection etc.

Are you looking for comprehensive insurance to protect your home and family? Add the 4 options to the Privilège package for optimal coverage in all circumstances. You will then be insured against damage caused by natural elements, the theft of your property anywhere in the world and civil liability costs. This coverage also provides for compensation in the event of the cancellation of travel, medical costs or the loss of luggage when travelling abroad, for small jobs around the home and protection against internet-related risks (internet fraud, identity theft etc.). Comprehensive home insurance for a worry-free home life.

AXA Assistance

As part of your OptiHome home insurance (Active package and Privilège package), you are eligible for the AXA Assistance services:

There are two ways of signing your home insurance policy:

  • you can either opt for an online electronic signature
  • or affix a handwritten signature on a paper document

Below we will take you through the electronic signature procedure, which allows you to sign your policy simply and conveniently from home or from anywhere in the world.

Residence Home insurance : OptiHome Residence

As a property manager, syndicate of co-owners or sole owner of a or several rental building(s) for residential or mixed use (residential/professional*), it is recommended to take out a civil liability building insurance and to cover accidental damages (fire, storm, flood...) that could affect the property.

(*) provided that the building does not contain any professional activity of the HORESCA sector  (hotel, café, restaurant), manufacturing or processing activities (e.g. printer, carpenter, etc.) or a  business activity with more than 100 m2 storage of goods (supermarket, clothing trade, …)

Handyman Service

For all your renovation work, take advantage of practical services, such as Emergency@Home (immediate assistance in any emergency situation by professionals) or Handyman (intervention of certified professionals for your small jobs: gardening, painting, tiling, various small repairs, etc.).

Services & Advice

OptiHome AXA Assistance

  • As part of your OptiHome insurance, you can call on the AXA Assistance service to come to your aid in the event of an emergency.
  • Find the full details on the AXA Assistance page:

Making a Home insurance claim

  • Do you want to make a claim for a loss under your home insurance?
  • Follow the procedure on the Home insurance claims page:

Find an agency

  • An advisor is available in every region of the Grand Duchy to offer you his services and his well-informed advice about insurance solutions.
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