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Motorcycles, what to do in case of an accident in Luxembourg ?

You were riding a motorbike or scooter and have just been involved in an accident? What are the first things you should do? Are you properly insured? Below we take you step by step through the right procedure to have your damage repaired.

Motorcycles, what to do in case of an accident in Luxembourg ?

You were riding a motorbike or scooter and have just been involved in an accident? What are the first things you should do? Are you properly insured? Below we take you step by step through the right procedure to have your damage repaired.

Adopt the appropriate response

Make sure you are unharmed and then secure the scene of the accident if possible

After an accident, the stress and adrenaline rush can alter your perception and hide a state of shock and/or injuries. The first thing to do is to check that you are unhurt. If you are injured, sit on the side of the road and wait for help.

If you are in a fit state to do so, it is recommended that you clear the road and place your motorbike or scooter on the side of the road or the hard shoulder. If it is dark, do not turn off your vehicle's lights.

For your own safety, protect yourself and your passengers by standing behind the safety barrier or as far back from the road as possible.


Fill in an accident report

If you are on your feet and the fall does not seem to have affected your judgement, you should then fill in an accident report on the spot with the people involved in the accident, a document that should then be signed by all parties. The report will establish the responsibilities of each driver and is valid throughout Europe.

If it is not possible to draw up the report on the spot, you will need to note the following information for each driver: their names, addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, number plates of the vehicles involved, their insurance companies and their policy numbers. If there are witnesses, be sure to collect their names, addresses and telephone numbers.


Worth thinking about!

Although this cannot be used as evidence, we recommend that you take photographs of the scene of the accident and of the vehicles involved, both wide shots and close-ups.


After the accident, can you ride your motorcycle again?

  • If you can no longer ride your motorbike or scooter:

In the event of an incident that puts your vehicle out of action, call AXA Assistance (Tel: 00352 45 30 55). Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so that we can immediately repair or tow your vehicle.  AXA Assistance will organise the recovery and repair of your vehicle. In addition, depending on the duration of the repairs it needs, a replacement vehicle may be made available to you for a period of up to 10 days.

  • If your motorcycle is still safe to ride:

In order to avoid another accident, it is important to make sure that any shock or adrenaline rush you may have experienced has passed and that you are fit to ride again. To relieve the stress, wait a few minutes, drink some water if possible and call someone close to you to take stock of the events you have just experienced.

You can then take the necessary steps to have your motorbike or scooter assessed by an expert and repaired without delay. Do not repair or have your motorbike or scooter repaired before the expert assessment in order to respect the conditions of your policy and to be able to claim possible compensation. If an urgent repair is nevertheless necessary, document the damage with usable photos.

Make a claim

Send the following documents/information by e-mail to or to your intermediary:

  •  The accident report, completed in advance and signed by each of the drivers who hit your vehicle or were directly involved in the accident. If no report has been drawn up, download the claim form from our website, and complete it with all the information requested, specifying the circumstances of the accident and the nature of the damage.
  • Attach photos of the damage to your declaration with at least: 1 photo of the damage in enlarged view as well as a photo in close-up view. If necessary, contact your advisor to help you.
  • If you or one of your passengers have/has been injured, a medical certificate stating the injuries sustained in the accident and provided by the hospital or a doctor.
  • A detailed estimate for the repair of your motorbike and photographs of the damage, in enlarged view.

Am I entitled to compensation? How does it work?

After studying every aspect of the case, and if you have opted for the OptiDrive Moto insurance policy with the Material Damage cover, AXA will determine the need for an expert assessment. Depending on the outcome of the technical assessment of the damage, there are two possibilities:

  • If your motorbike is economically repairable, you can have the damage repaired by the repairer of your choice without having to advance the repair costs. If you do not have such insurance cover, taking out "Legal Protection" cover will enable AXA to claim your loss from the other liable party.  
  • If your motorbike is not repairable under the terms of the policy, you will be eligible for compensation up to the pre-loss value of your vehicle or compensation for the replacement value during the first 36 months of insurance of your motorcycle.

Did you know?

About your motorbike assessment

For damage with a repair estimate of less than €750, compensation will usually be based on the estimate made by the garage, without the intervention of an expert.

For damage greater than €750, an expert report will be necessary and organised by our company with the appointed garage.



If your OptiDrive Moto policy has an excess, this amount of compensation will remain your responsibility.

Example: your insurance policy includes an excess of 200 euros per claim. The cost of repairs to your motorbike is 1000 euros. You will receive 800 euros compensation (1000 - 200 euros).


Replacement vehicle

You have the right to benefit from a replacement vehicle for the duration of the repairs determined by the expert report for a maximum of 10 days.

This information is made available for informational purposes. Please always refer to the terms of your policy.