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What to do if your motorcycle, motorbike or scooter gets stolen in Luxembourg?

Your motorbike or scooter has disappeared, been stolen or broken into? Find all the useful information for a fast response.

What to do if your motorcycle, motorbike or scooter gets stolen in Luxembourg?

Your motorbike or scooter has disappeared, been stolen or broken into? Find all the useful information for a fast response.

The first steps

AXA Luxembourg : vol moto ou scooter - Les premières démarches

File a complaint

When you discover the theft or attempted theft of your motorcycle, it is essential that you file a complaint with the local authorities within 24 hours and specify the extent of the damage you have suffered.

Contact AXA Assistance:

In the event of total theft or "immobilising" damage, call AXA Assistance (Tel: 00352 45 30 55), available 24/7 so that we can immediately come to your assistance and get you back on the road. 

If necessary, AXA Assistance will organise the recovery and repair of your vehicle. In addition, depending on the duration of the necessary repairs, a replacement vehicle may be made available to you for a period of up to 10 days, which is extended to 30 days in the event of total theft.

Make a list of stolen or damaged items

Make as complete a list as possible of the stolen items and any damage to your vehicle.

Gather all relevant documents: purchase or repair invoices, warranty certificates, receipts and photographs of the stolen or damaged items.

These will be useful, or even necessary, to assess the amount of your compensation.

Make a claim

Send the following documents/information by e-mail to or your intermediary:

  • Download the claim form on our site,, and complete it with all the requested information, specifying the circumstances of the incident and the nature of the damage.

If there has been an attempted theft and/or break-in, attach to your claim photos of the damage with at least: 1 photo of the damage in enlarged view as well as a photo in close-up view. If necessary, contact your advisor to help you.

  • Attach to your claim a copy of the certificate of complaint or the report drawn up by the police authorities.

Make sure that all the damage you have suffered (exact description, list) is included in the certificate of complaint and/or report that the police authorities will hand you. 

Am I entitled to compensation? How does it work?

AXA Luxembourg : vol moto ou scooter - Ai-je droit à une indemnisation ? Comment cela se passe ?

After studying every aspect of the case, and if you have opted for the OptiDrive Moto insurance policy with the Material Damage cover, AXA will determine the need for an expert assessment.  Depending on the outcome of the technical assessment of the damage, there are two possibilities:

  • If your motorbike is economically repairable, you can have the damage repaired by the repairer of your choice without having to advance the repair costs
  • If your motorbike is not repairable under the terms of the policy, you will be eligible for compensation up to the pre-loss value of your vehicle or compensation for the replacement value during the first 36 months of insurance of your motorcycle.

In case of total theft

  • If your vehicle is not found:

If your vehicle is not found within 30 days after declaring the theft to AXA, you will be compensated on the basis of your complete file and the provisions of your cover (replacement value or pre-loss value).

During the compensation process, a vehicle transfer document will be drawn up since AXA will become the new owner of the vehicle once the payment is made.

  • In the event that your stolen vehicle is found before the expiry of the 30-day period after having submitted the claim to AXA:

If your vehicle is found within this period, and after the vehicle has been returned by the authorities, an expert will assess any damage it may have incurred:

  1. If your vehicle has not suffered any damage: you recover it straight away
  2. If your vehicle has been damaged: you can have it repaired in the garage of your choice
  3. If your vehicle has suffered too much damage and is economically or technically irreparable, you will be compensated according to the provisions of your cover (replacement value or pre-loss value), minus the amount of the wreck. 
  • If your stolen vehicle is found after you have received your compensation

After receiving your compensation, you are no longer the owner of your motorcycle.

You must then inform your AXA advisor of any instructions you have been given by the police authorities.

AXA will then take care of recovering the vehicle.


  • What about the helmet and any equipment?

If you take out Material Damage cover under your OptiDrive Moto policy, the motorcyclist's equipment is covered up to €1,000.