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You take care of your home, we take care of your peace of mind

Benefit from a top-of-the-range remote surveillance system on preferential terms. To protect your home, there are exclusive benefits for holders of an AXA home insurance policy with our partner LuxSecurity: 


For the purchase of an alarm system:

  • 20% discount on equipment
  • 1 year's remote surveillance for free

If you take out an annual contract:

  • 1 year's remote surveillance for free
  • 1 free intervention in the event of a break-in

For the installation of smoke detectors, which are now compulsory in Luxembourg for all residential premises:

  • 20% discount on installation

To take advantage of the discounts granted to AXA customers, give LuxSecurity your home insurance policy number when you request a quote.

Why install a remote surveillance system?

The number of burglaries in Luxembourg continues to rise. The latest figures published by STATEC (Regards 02/24 study) show that 12% of the population has already been the victim of a burglary or attempted burglary.

OptiHome, home insurance that adapts to you, and options for optimum cover:

Serenite Max

Your home and its contents are protected against the risks of earthquakes, floods, sewer back-ups, water infiltration and landslides caused by torrential rains.



Trouble after an online shopping, harassment on social media or even identity theft? AXA acts to protect you and to prevent the consequences. For you and your family


Annual Travel

You want to go on vacation without having to take out insurance for each trip? Take advantage of single insurance policy including cancellation, luggage and valuable support on your travels throughout the year.