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Personal details and first connection

MyAXA is earmarked for our individual customers who have taken out a policy with an AXA intermediary (agent, broker, banking partner) or directly with AXA Luxembourg.

For the time being, MyAXA can only be accessed for car, home, individual health, individual life and investment, accident and travel insurance policies.

To create my customer account:

1. I visit:

2. I enter a valid e-mail address and a policy number

The e-mail address must be the same as that provided to my AXA adviser during our exchanges.

3. I receive a confidential code sent to the e-mail address provided or by SMS.

4. I enter the code received and define my password

Bingo! I'm connected to my MyAXA customer account!

Good to know: the e-mail address you enter when creating your account will be used as your MyAXA login for future connections.

I can find my policy number on all my contractual documents and on the following documents: bill, maturity notice, health statement, motor insurance card, etc.

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I go to <my personal information>, and I can change:

-          My MyAXA e-mail address

-          My language preferences

-          The MyAXA user language

-          My "paperless" preference

 For all my other requests, I can contact AXA by clicking on "make a request".


Login & e-mail 

I can contact the AXA advisers who will help me resolve the matter.

In just a few clicks:

-          I log into MyAXA

-          I go to the <personal information> section

-          Click on "Change my e-mail address",

-          Enter the e-mail address you wish to use as your login,

That’s all it takes. Your e-mail address has been updated! It is now your new login for the customer account.

From the login page, I go to "Forgot your password? “ and I follow the instructions to reset my password.

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My online services

In the customer account, I can consult:

-          My insurance policies (the so-called "Special Conditions")

-          Certificates such as my car insurance certificate (the so-called "green card")

-          My tax certificates for the last 4 years

-          Bills and maturity notices

-          My health insurance statements

I can also find documents relating to my claims under <claim>, then <track my claims>.

The insurance certificate may relate to a policy: motor, home, Personal Life, accident or travel.
As an AXA customer, I can find my certificates in the "My documents" section.

Note: if I can't find the document I'm looking for, I can make a specific request directly online by going, from the home page, to:

-           < Make a new request >

-           Or from the menu select <My requests> and <Make a new request>, then, click on <Request an insurance certificate>.

To access all the details of your insurance policy, go to <My insurance>, then, click on your type of policy (e.g. motor insurance, home insurance, etc.) and finally click on <Policy number XXX-Y >.

Only my individual policies are available in MyAXA. The following policies are not yet listed:

-       Health insurance policy for your pet

-       Healthcare or pension policy taken out through my employer

-       Professional policy

-       Cancelled policy

-       Suspended policy

No, your MyAXA customer account is personal: You will only see insurance policies for which you are the policyholder, not the co-insured. You will therefore not see insurance policies taken out in a personal capacity by other family members.

No, these policies are not visible in the MyAXA customer account. However, a dedicated account for health insurance policies taken out through your employer will soon be available on the EBN platform:

I need more help with my customer account or I'm having other problems creating my account or logging in.

You can contact an AXA adviser Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 5.30pm.