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With all its Auto OptiDrive insurance packages, AXA Luxembourg offers additional services including:

Whatever the package, when you insure your vehicle with AXA Luxembourg, you get:

Joker Taxi

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If you are unable to drive (tiredness, stress), AXA Luxembourg offers all its policyholders a taxi to return home three times a year within the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.
You can also bring friends with you if they are on the same route.
The service is free and included whichever OptiDrive car insurance package you have.
To request a taxi, simply contact AXA Assistance on (+352) 45 30 55.
The service is available 24 hours a day within a 70km radius of your home.

Connected breakdown

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If you have a car accident (whether you are liable or not) and your vehicle no longer drives, you contact AXA Assistance.
AXA Assistance sends you a tow truck to tow your vehicle.
You receive an SMS containing a link.
The link allows you to follow the tow truck in real time, its location and the estimated waiting time.
The service is free and included regardless of your OptiDrive AXA Luxembourg car insurance package.
To request the connected breakdown service, contact AXA Assistance on (+352) 45 30 55.

Pick-up & Delivery

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If you are involved in a car accident (whether you are liable or not) and your vehicle is still running, the pick-up and delivery service will allow you to avoid all repair procedures.
It is free and included whichever OptiDrive car package you have.
One of AXA Luxembourg partners brings you a replacement vehicle and collects your damaged vehicle from the place of your choice (at home or at work for example).
Your vehicle is taken to a partner garage for it to repaired, overhauled and cleaned.
The garage then brings the vehicle back to you at the place and time of your choice.
To set the procedure in motion, simply call your AXA Luxembourg advisor.
You will also receive text notifications on the progress of your case and a call 48 hours before your vehicle is returned.
Repairs are guaranteed for three years.
There are no up-front costs for you to pay.

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There are many more services to make your life easier

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Preferential rates with our partners for:
Repairing minor damage to your vehicle.
Managing your vehicle through its roadworthiness test (MOT), servicing or the fitting of summer/winter tyres for you.
Registering your vehicle for you.

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