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Why opt for our pay-per-km insurance?

Cycling, car-pooling, public transport... new ways of travelling are increasingly drawing us away from our cars. If you don't drive much and use your car for short journeys, with our pay-per-km car insurance, get the same protection for a lower price! You'll benefit from a rate that's tailored to your driving habits.

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This insurance is for you if you're a so-called "infrequent driver".

For example:

  • 🚗you usually make short journeys,
  • đŸšČ you live in the city and often use public transport, by bike or scooter,
  • 🚘🚘you have a second car that you only drive from time to time,
  • 🧓you are retired and only use your vehicle occasionally.

If any of these cases apply to you, you may want to consider declaring a mileage band that reflects your driving habits. In return, you simply have to make sure you don't exceed the limit you’ve set yourself.

➜ Good to know: you can, of course, change to a higher mileage band at a later date if you need to.

What are the advantages of pay-per-kilometre insurance?

You are entitled to identical cover

Just because you don't drive much doesn't mean you don’t expect much from your insurance. By opting for pay-per-km insurance, you are entitled to all the advantages of your AXA OptiDrive car insurance policy (package and options according to your choice).

Save money

If you don't drive much, why pay full price for your car insurance? With limited mileage car insurance, you get a discount on your insurance that rewards infrequent drivers.

You're helping to protect the environment

You are adopting eco-responsible behaviour to reduce fuel consumption and limit greenhouse gas emissions.

Your procedures, our advice

No, not at all. When you take out your car insurance, all you need to do is declare the number of kilometres on your car's odometer.

The mileage is set at the time you take out your policy and must not be exceeded. If you realise that you have driven more than 7,000 km, for example, during your annual statement, your AXA adviser will steer you towards the appropriate cover and update your policy.  In fact, mileage allowances can be adjusted each year. You can also inform your AXA adviser before the annual update of your policy.

Pay-per-kilometre car insurance is ideal for people who own one or more cars but do not drive them regularly. This is the case, for example, for people who have two cars but only use one on a daily basis. If you live in a city and mainly use your car at weekends because you make do with public transport during the week, kilometre-based insurance is also a good option for you.

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