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What professional insurance is compulsory in Luxembourg?

Professional or operational liability, business interruption insurance, etc... Do you find these different types of professional cover a little mysterious? Overview of compulsory insurance for companies and policies that could prove invaluable for keeping your activity going. 


What is business interruption insurance?

When a company suffers a serious disaster such as a fire or a tornado, its activity can be slowed down or even stop during the work. How to deal with this sudden drop in turnover without putting your company in danger?


How to put together the ideal remuneration package?

Despite attractive salaries, luring talent to Luxembourg calls for a certain degree of resourcefulness. In some sectors, such as IT, banking or finance, multilingual and experienced profiles are in high demand. In this, case an attractive remuneration package becomes a powerful tool to attract candidates.


How to set up in business in Luxembourg?

The Grand Duchy: the ideal place to do business?


The SARL S: making it (a little) easier to do business in Luxembourg

The SARL S makes it possible to create a company with capital of only €1. However, this statute also implies respecting all the other legal obligations of a company. Explanations.