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Find advice on how providence helps you protect yourself, your loved ones, your home and your belongings against hardships and how to anticipate these risks serenely.

Financial investments that pay off

Investment funds offer a promising return on your savings to make your money work for you and, in some cases, can give rise to tax deductions.


Housing loans: how do I protect my loved ones in case of a fatal accident?

In Luxembourg, as in many European countries, financial institutions often require borrowers to take out insurance against the risk of death or disability.


A new supplementary pension scheme for self-employed persons in Luxembourg

From 1 January 2019, Supplementary Pension Schemes will be available to small traders and self-employed professionals. This is very good news for all self-employed persons, such as lawyers...


How to calculate your retirement in Luxembourg

Whether you are close to retirement or it's a long way off, your retirement worries you and you ask a lot of questions. Be aware that the secret to succeeding in this new life is: preparation. Focus on how pensions work in Luxembourg.


Reducing the risk of accidents for children

Eighty percent of accidents suffered by children under the age of five occur at home. For these little explorers, the house is an abundant source of dangers which means having to pay constant attention.


Understanding parental leave in Luxembourg

With 20 weeks of maternity leave and 6 additional months for parental leave, Luxembourg is among the countries which offer the best conditions for welcoming a child. Explanations.