AXA Assurances Luxembourg

Your health and that of your family is a priority. Here are some tips to better understand Luxembourg's healthcare system.

Cancer screening: which tests are recommended?

The World Health Organization recommends regular cancer screening tests. The goal? Treat the disease as soon as possible and increase the chances of a cure.


Supplementary Health Insurance Luxembourg: Do you really need it?

The Grand Duchy offers good health coverage. However, to be better reimbursed for the costs that remain your responsibility, you can take out additional health insurance, and gain peace of mind.


Hyper connectivity: why it’s about time we hung up

Do you check your phone as soon as you wake up in the morning? Do you feel it vibrating in your pocket even when it's not there? Is the ping of incoming notifications the soundtrack to your life?  If you answer yes to these three questions, the chances are you suffer from hyper connectivity. An increasingly common ailment that causes stress to skyrocket and paradoxically feeds a feeling of isolation.


What insurance is there for sports?

You’re returning to your sports activities! But, are you properly protected? AXA will assess your insurance needs.


A practical guide to claiming reimbursement of glasses and contact lenses in Luxembourg

If you are affiliated to the Luxembourg health fund, you can benefit from reimbursement for your glasses or lenses. All our advice.