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In Luxembourg too, the value of your pension is lower than the final income you receive during your working life.

To close this gap, start building up a supplementary retirement savings plan with AXA to continue to take full advantage of life when you get your pension.

Benefit from advantageous tax deductions as well, for the duration of your policy.

The amount you get as a pension in Luxembourg will probably not be enough

When you retire, the amount of your pension will fall and your income will be lower than what you earned during your working life.


In addition, with increases in the standard of living, and the number of people receiving a state pension increasing, its value will tend to decrease.

To maintain your standard of living and fully enjoy your retirement, start building up savings now, during your working life.

Continue to enjoy life with supplementary retirement savings

Starting early makes it easier for you to save for retirement.

Issued in the form of a life annuity or in one go when you retire, these additional savings will allow you to maintain your level of income and thus continue to enjoy life.

AXA Luxembourg fiscalite retraite epargne

Reduce your taxes now

To help you save, in Luxembourg you can get tax deductions on the premiums you pay (Section 111 bis of Luxembourg’s income tax law).

Each year you can deduct the amount of your insurance premiums from your taxable base.

The maximum annual deductible amount is €3200.

This way you reduce your taxes today and increase your retirement income tomorrow.

Retirement savings solutions :

At AXA, you have two solutions to build retirement savings and enjoy tax deductions:

Solution 1: Guaranteed rate savings and investments - Save for Life Pension

The Save for Life Pension is a tax-efficient insurance product that allows you to combine traditional savings solutions with stock market investments to take advantage of the best returns on the market.

Solution 2: Alizea guaranteed rate savings

Enjoy a guaranteed rate for the duration of your contract.

Alizea is a tax-efficient solution that allows you access to your savings from the age of 60 and at the latest at 75, provided that the policy has been open for a minimum of 10 years.

Services & Advice:

Deduct your insurance from your taxable income

The maximum amount deductible depends on the data provided by the taxpayer and his/her family situation.

  • Pension Retirement Insurance
  • Savings Insurance
  • Housing savings

The functioning of pensions in Luxembourg

The pension system in Luxembourg is based on three pillars:

  • Statutory pension
  • Supplementary pension paid by the employer (optional)
  • Supplementary pension made up on a personal basis (optional)

Contact an AXA Luxembourg agent

In each region of Luxembourg advisers are at your disposal to offer you their services and advice on insurance solutions.