AXA Assurances Luxembourg

You are renting an apartment and need an insurance certificate?

Contact an AXA Luxembourg agent near your place of residence or work and follow the easy subscription formalities to get your home insurance certificate. All you then have to do is hand it over to your landlord when you sign the lease.

Essential coverages for your apartment:

Tenant of an apartment?
Protect yourself with comprehensive coverage for your home.
Protection for your home and your belongings, in all circumstances, with comprehensive and indispensable cover:


24/7 assistance:

In the event of an emergency, the AXA Assistance service is on call to provide you with support in the event of: 

couverture assurance auto axa luxembourg

And take advantage of the Handyman service included free of charge:  preferential rates from approved professional partners for your small jobs: gardening, painting, tiling, various small repairs.

4 options to make your life easier

Frequent traveller, musician, sportsman, parents and forward planners?

4 options are available to further enhance your coverage according to your lifestyle:


Travel insurance coverage:

  • Cancellation costs, repatriation assistance anywhere in the world, medical expenses, theft and loss of your luggage


  • Your belongings, computers, sports and leisure equipment, jewellery, etc., covered against theft and breakage anywhere in the world. 

Serenity plus:

  • To protect you against floods, earthquakes, landslides, torrential rain.

Family protection coverage:

  • Family civil liability, legal protection within the framework of your private life and e-protection.

Services & Advice:

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