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On 8 March 2023, AXA Luxembourg has signed the “Luxembourg Women in Finance” Charter with the objective to contribute to the development of a more inclusive financial sector. 

The Charter is supported by the Ministry of Finance and underlines the sector’s ambition to increase the participation of women at all levels within financial services companies and representative bodies of the Luxembourg financial center. 

The Women in Finance Charter shows the commitment of the signatory companies and professional associations to achieve a better gender balance and inclusion across Luxembourg’s financial services sector. This principle has already been in force at AXA Luxembourg since 2010 and gender parity has already been achieved. 

Each signatory sets specific targets and publishes progress reports. For AXA Assurances Luxembourg and AXA Assurances Vie Luxembourg, the objectives for continuing to promote gender equity are the following: 

Objective of maintaining a minimum of :

  • 40% of women on the Board of Directors
  • 40% of women on the Executive Committee
  • 35% of women at Senior Management level

As off 1st January 2024:

AXA Lux - Women Charte Finance EN

Given the efforts made by AXA Luxembourg over many years about parity and the level of progress reached, the aim is to maintain a minimum level of diversity (or to increase it if possible) over the coming years.

 And considering the small size of our companies on a local level and their governance bodies, the balance can be strongly influenced by the change of just one person on the Board of Directors or the Executive Committee. We thus consider a balance over time and not strictly at a predetermined point in time.

You can find the principles of the Charter on the site of the Luxembourg Government: