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Unfortunately, this service is no longer available.

In May 2020, we created a medical online consultation service to support our common fight against the corona virus. During the past 6 months, AXA Luxembourg fully covered the costs for this service for all its clients. This initiative was part of our effort to limit daily trips and contamination risks in places frequented by patients while following the recommendations of the Ministry for Health. This service has been acclaimed by our customers, who have been able to benefit of this free service every day, 7/7 and between 9am and 5pm.


If you wish to continue using an online consultation service with a doctor in Luxembourg, we suggest the eConsult platform of the eSanté agency. This agency has created a global online consultation system for the Luxembourg government:

These online consultations are reimbursed by CNS the same way than normal medical visits.


We wish to thank the Luxembourgish doctors, who accompanied us during this innovative adventure of the past 6 months and who were able to help and reassure our customers.


Remember that the barrier measures are the first line of defense against this disease. You will find all the measures and recommendations on the Government’s website

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