AXA Assurances Luxembourg

Accident and Breakdown Assistance Service

  1. Call AXA Assistance on +352 45 30 55 for immediate assistance, or for a breakdown or towing service,
  2. The assistance service will help you on your way or get you back home,
  3. If you have an accident, declare your claim to your advisor or on
    Follow-up of your claim is done by SMS.

Family & Travel Assistance Services

  1. Call AXA Assistance on +352 45 30 55 for immediate assistance, recovery of your baggage, medical assistance, reimbursement of the costs of search, rescue, and ski-lifts,
  2. The assistance service will help you get home or bring a close friend or relative to your bedside.

Broken Glass Partners

For repairs and/or replacement, make an appointment:

Tél. : 80 02 97 97

Tél. : 80 02 16 16

The AXA Service Pick up & Delivery

We will provide you with a vehicle and take yours to the garage, and will then return it to you repaired and cleaned.

  1. Call +352 44 24 24 30 00 for appointments between 09.00 and 16.00,
  2. You will be contacted 48 hours before the return of your vehicle,
  3. Information by SMS on the progress of your claim,
  4. No payments required in advance.

Joker Taxi Service

If you’ve had too much to drink, or you’re just too tired to drive (3 services per insurance year)

  1. Call AXA Assistance on: +352 45 30 55
  2. A 24-hour service to get you home safely within a 70 km radius.

Comfort Service:

Tyre change, maintenance, testing, etc … Premium: €329/ insurance year

  1. Contact your garage or tyre centre for an appointment by D+5 at the latest,
  2. Call your Lux Immatriculation service provider on +352 26 10 86 06 or send an E-mail to and they will take care of the organisation for you,
  3. Picking up your car with a report at the agreed location. You fill in the repair form and sign the paperwork,
  4. Expenses incurred to be reimbursed directly to the service provider when the vehicle is returned.
    Taking over the car does not include the price of tyres, fitting, inspection, or testing.

Registration Service:

Picking up of your vehicle and fitting new number plates.

Call your Lux Immatriculation service provider on +352 26 10 86 06 or send an E-mail to, which will deal with all the administrative procedures and testing,

You pay the relevant fixed charge when you get your vehicle back - it’s all straightforward with no surprises.

Negotiated price / Véhicules :

  • New: 265 €
  • Used car EEC: 319 €
  • New or used out of EEC: 835 €
  • Change of ownership: 225 €

Cosmetic Service:

With AXA Luxembourg you benefit of preferential tariffs that we have negotiated with approved partners and you pay the amount due directly to the service provider.

To benefit of this service, simply contact your AXA advisor.

Assurance Auto Service Cosmétique | OptiDrive AXA Luxembourg EN


  • Dent removal: 1 à 3 dents removed by body part.
  • 1 Smart repair (XL): corresponds to the repair of one-half part.
  • 1 Spot repair: corresponds to the repair of a quarter part, equals an A4 format
  • Clean: washing the interior, exterior and the rims of the vehicle
  • Decontamination: removal of natural and road pollution on the vehicle
  • Waxing: application of a product to protect the paint and giving it the extra shine