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Find all the information you need to take out motor insurance in Luxembourg, register your vehicle and other useful tips to help you settle into Luxembourg life!

Car insurance in Luxembourg:

The first thing you need to do is take out car insurance.

Deductible, fully-comprehensive cover, second-hand car, no claims bonus... To get all the lowdown on these subjects and more, and pick the right car insurance in Luxembourg, read our various explanatory articles:

Get the lowdown before insuring your car in Luxembourg

Deductible, fully-comprehensive cover, price... When it comes to car insurance, each country tends to do things its own way. Read through these 7 essential tips before insuring your car in Luxembourg.


What’s the best insurance for your second-hand car?

Are you looking to optimise the cost of your car insurance while remaining protected? Take the lead from four different insurance profiles.


How does the motor no-claims bonus system work in Luxembourg?

As you know, when it comes to car insurance, part of your premium is variable. This no-claims bonus system, more commonly known as the ‘bonus-malus’, is designed to reward good driving behaviour and penalize risk-taking. But what happens when you move?

The car formalities in Luxembourg:

How to register your vehicle? How does the driving licence work in the Grand Duchy? What about the technical inspection?

Find all our advice to make sure your vehicle meets all the formalities in the Grand Duchy.

Do you have to get your driving licence recognised in Luxembourg?

Have you recently moved to Luxembourg, but not yet ticked the "insure the car" box on your to-do list? One question may be of concern to you: can you insure your vehicle if your licence was issued abroad?


Registering your car in Luxembourg: what is the procedure to follow?

You have just settled in Luxembourg and you need to register your car in your new country of residence? Follow the guide to find out...


The vehicle technical inspection in Luxembourg: how does it work?

Your car must have a valid technical inspection certificate. What does this inspection entail? How often must it be renewed? Let us take you through the legal aspects of a vehicle technical inspection.


Are you driving green? You are eligible for a reduction on your motor insurance

To encourage owners of hybrid or electric vehicles, AXA Luxembourg has introduced discounts, regardless of the car insurance scheme you opt for.

To find out more, visit the page dedicated to hybrid and electric vehicles or contact an AXA Luxembourg branch near you: