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Essential cover for your car:

Benefit of discounts if you drive “green”:

When you take out a car insurance with AXA Luxembourg for a hybrid or an electric vehicle, you automatically benefit from a discount on your insurance premium.

AXA Assurances Luxembourg : Réductions sur véhicules hybrides et électriques

Services & Advice

Get the lowdown before insuring your car in Luxembourg

Deductible, fully-comprehensive cover, breakdown assistance... When it comes to car insurance, each country tends to do things its own way. The ins and outs of insuring your car for the first time in Luxembourg.


What’s the best insurance for your second-hand car?

Are you looking to optimise the cost of your car insurance while remaining protected? Take the lead from four different insurance profiles.


Do you have to get your driving licence recognised in Luxembourg?

Have you recently moved to Luxembourg, but not yet ticked the "insure the car" box on your to-do list? One question may be of concern to you: can you insure your vehicle if your licence was issued abroad?


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