Your very own personal –and friendly– driving coach just got a makeover!

You're currently using an older version so make sure you head to your iOS or Android store to update to AXA Drive 2.

Safer driving is just a click away with our revolutionary technology! The app analyses your driving behaviour and then calculates your trip score based on acceleration, braking, cornering, and pace.


Thanks to our auto start function, all you have to do is get into the car, put on your seatbelt and start driving!

Don't worry about stopping the app – it will know when you've reached your destination. You focus on the road and we'll handle the rest.


At the end of your trip, AXA Drive sends you personalized tips created just for you.

Adapt your driving to your surroundings or local weather conditions and HAVE FUN while becoming a safer driver.


Thanks to AXA Drive, you'll know WHAT to improve and HOW to take your driving skills to the next level.

The app analyses your every move and highlights relevant events along your journey to pinpoint where you're excelling and where you can improve.

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